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Consider Y/Our Source

Stop the Madness, plz. Just Love.


 We oftentimes forget that we are here to live lives of joy, love and abundance. Since God is the source of these qualities, all of this is available to us right NOW.
Being created in the spiritual image and likeness of God means that the same source that causes all to be is living, moving, and having its being as you. Yes, as you. This is the truth of your being. The Divine expresses as you every moment of the day.
– Science of Mind @SOM
ICYMI, dogs, God spelled backwards, express unconditional Love.  See Johnetta’s most powerful lesson(s) for compassion & unconditional love below.  Thank you Infinite Source.  And we often forget, God/Love t00, works through people.
Life lessons for unconditional love, demonstrated.
  My Life lessons for unconditional love.
Our desire is to share answers that resonated true for Johnetta. We hope you SEE guide posts pointing you righteously on your path.  This message she saw at her spiritual reading Friday, August 6, 2010, helped change her thinking, changed her life: :
 – Science of Mind, A Guide to Spiritual Living.
Live the life of your dreams & follow y/our bliss. Don’t cost you nothing.
#ProsperityMission #WeAreOne💜, #Universe, humanity whether you know or not.  (Enjoy the music as you #explore, highly recommended.)
The position of the Universal Mind towards us is always the reflection of our own attitude. … We can then cheerfully look upon it as our ever-present Friend, providing all good counsel.
— Thomas Troward

Care to share y/our mindful practice? What works for you?

 As for me, As I SEE It:

TEN (10) Easy or not so Easy (as you See it) Steps.

  • #Ask for Divine Guidance from y/our light, #HigherSelf. #GoWithin.
 If at any time I doubt this creative power is available to me, I look in a mirror. I remind myself that my obedient servant and best friend is within and always ready to carry out my choices.  – Science of Mind
  • Let it go. Go with the flow. Watch, #observe what happens.  #SEE.
  • Be in awe of the awesome beauty of the universe, y/our world.
  • Stay in constant remembrance of #love.
  •  Miracles Happen.  Simple as that, but not easy.
K*I*S*S* — Keep It Simple Spirit
She #Sings, #Dance & #Listens to praise music daily, starting here with these first three (3) heart songs of #LifePower 🎵. Then depending on the mood & moment, she listens to what speaks to my heart, mind & body.
“The Twelve Powers Of Man” – Charles Fillmore
Please Share/Add music that resonates with Y/Our Twelve Powers?!?
Have you created your #TwelvePowers Heart Songs playlist?
Everyone is encouraged to try it.  You will like it.  Don’t cost you nothing.  Satisfaction guarantee, if you believe.
As I uncover my authentic Self within, I SEE greater good reflected in my world.
 Release & Let Go!!!
Ask*See*Know #askseeknow

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