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The Feast of Love
Soldier of Love
It occurred to me that this use of the Internet to reiterate the message of Love revealed in faith teachings answers an interview question I was asked 32 years ago, that is “How do you see the Internet being used to benefit…?”
 As I SEE It, I Am Thankful.  “Y’all ain’t never heard nothing like this before.”  
Yes!!!  She looks like a dove here, doesn’t she?  #justlove.  “Everyday I wake up in the morning Brand New.”
Breathe! ☺. Thank Infinite Source.
Yes, we are honored guest at the feast of life. 💞✌🗽💡.
BTW, what songs give you happy thoughts?⁉. 💜🎵 Plz Share &/or Add to our playlist here. Maybe we will know which of the Twelve Powers/Gifts resonate with your selection. Bless & Be Blessed.
Challenge what you believe about Creative Source. Grow in positive & constructive ways. Release. #letgo.
Calling humanity back into full relationship with God. “Spirit’s Calling You.”
As it turns out, all beliefs are exclusive, even the belief that there are no true beliefs… that belief excludes those who think there are true beliefs! The question is: Which beliefs are right and which are wrong?
Beyond belief, to knowing.
 In My Dreams

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