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What Rule of Law?

What? #rule of law? Be damned? #conspiracywonderer🤔 asks: Isn’t it amazing how those outside of patriarchal elitists can be condemned based on circumstantial evidence, once a liar always a liar &/or simply guilt by association in most cases, from drug arrests to murder? Yet it’s a mute point in the political arena. Truly 🙂 LMBO😎 #LoveHaveMercy ✌💕🔥 This shi*t is hilarious. #FunnyNotFunny

Simply, tit for tat, for benefit of ego #asiseeit with progress little by little to #TheGood.

“But why should we stand aghast at nothingness?” – Mary Baker Eddy

#votemillennials … #GenX … #GenZ. It’s y/our future. ☯ ♂♀ You do have a choice, you think??? #RockTheVote @vote.org Why not #codepinkblue?
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IDK why people are so stuck on what has been said/done in the past. It’s an illusion in your mind anyway. #AskSeeKnow What is mine/mind to do NOW, in the present?!? What about that???

When will we start studying war & learn to love again?

S.E.E. 👁A Course of Love. #LoveHaveMercy Simply, raise your consciousness. Please!!! #OpenYourHeart