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Specialness Begone

After listening to Said, then Huntington with Charlie Rose I thought, here’s perfect example of: what you focus on is what you get.

Simply, I hear from Huntington, masculine ego expressing: how can we divide humanity for power & control? Let me count the ways? Knowing full well that now, like never before, USA interests lie in corporate persons controlling people & planet for profit. #asiseeit.

Thankfully I am reminded of Standing On Solid Ground Eye 💞🎼🎶
& genetics

Idk, however, certainly one of many ongoing means of fermenting separation among bodies of #childrenofhumanity.
IMAGINE life without ego/specialness. ☯ #SpecialnessBegone

Why is it that folks refuse to receive the teaching of righteous thought leaders throughout history!?? The Golden Rule, #TheGood matters.

Simple, but apparently not easy. #littlexlittle or #inaninstant 💞🔥 ✌#LoveHaveMercy #mmww

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