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Simple AS That

#Iamwriterwriting 👁️ am Divine Love Dragon #🔥💕🐉 🔥💞🐉 Being a proud native of Y/Our nation’s capital, next-door neighbor to St. Cyprian Catholic School & avid reader led to #QuestionEverything.

It appears as if growing up in that environment had a HUGE impact on my current interest in politics, religion, financial literacy & social justice. Leading me to question everything.

Know, I Am #TheOnly one who can tell it, BE it, the #Truthteller I Am #ASISeeIt.

So you’ll know, you will see certain words used interchangeably throughout my writings: Father/Mother God, #TheGood, Source, Creator, Infinite Intelligence, Christ, Spirit, Universe, Light, Life & Love, among others that may be of more popular use.

In the interest of duality, likewise certain words are used interchangeably, for that which is NOT of God/TheGood: fear, hate, evil, ego, fear, greed, among others. Everything is perspective/perception, right❓ Words & Language, signs & symbols matter #AsISeeIt. 🔥💞😉

We are All created children of humanity, you Think⁉ We’re referring to people, not corporate persons (or unborn fetuses). Whether you believe or not, IF there was a Christ child, the only begotten [first born]: Simply, He is Y/Our Wayshower. It doesn’t matter, whether you SEE the story as fact, fiction or fantasy, Christ demonstrated simply two choices: Love or Hate aka Fear or Faith; #TheGood says this New Testament sister.

Who takes issue with the conversations & activism around matters of racism, poverty, injustice, inequality, violence & other social matters⁉ Words matter⁉️ It’s Choice.

Words matter. What we focus on must continue. The Law of Cause & Effect is Life, whether you know/accept it or not. #godeeper

Simply, if you don’t want hate, simply focus on the solution. That is Love. What you want, Love. It starts within you. #simpleASthat (my dad’s pet phrase). May he Rest In Peace/Power & Love.

Simply, Walk with Faith Act with Love.

A Rose Is Still A Rose #SpiritualPowers ✌🏾#inspiringfun

We use social media skills to share collections of wisdom teachings in service To women, children & the elderly for #TheGOOD.

We curate collections of art, music, meditation, wisdom & words of healing for better care of women, children & elderly for #TheGood4All #ASiseeit. One who gets it gets it. Don’t Cost You Nothing. To Give is To receive #ammwwtpm Prove me in this.

Offer :

TRAINING – entrepreneur, sales, marketing, online/offline, networking

GUIDANCE – financial literacy, self Awareness Development, healing hurt/pain

MICROLOANS – entrepreneurship

I Am Enough

I believe in Divine guidance & feel to minister God’s LOVE through #art_music_meditations_wisdomwords. #ammwwtpm #🔥💕🐉 Basically, following Basic Instructions Being Love/Life/Light Expressing Existence

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