Just Love

Hour of Great Mercy Moment 3:00 PM

IMAGINE: #womenwholovemenwholove✌#codepinkblue4peace 💕

Leave God’s job in God’s hands. Life is never static. Alive. Awake. Aware. Enter into the pathway of freedom, peace & happiness.

To support Oneness … Join @TheProsperityMission #HourofGreatMercyMoment.3 days @3:00 P.M., starting 11/3. Be still for 3 minutes, in prayer/meditation #4TheGood4All #childrenofhumanity. #333

For 3 days, stillness in prayer &/or meditation, 3 minutes, 3:00 PM starting @11/3 … we remember our interconnectedness inside the Divine energy of the Universe. Time to recall our Oneness.

Sisters & brothers of goodwill consider #codepinkblue for peace. A #loveuprising.

My prayer for the #TheGood.

This. Is. Bizarre. Is it or not⁉


To believe that one is continuously guided in his acts by a supreme Intelligence is a better state of mind & more productive of good…; the turning of this flow into the channels of constructive thought is an individual act…. We are chemists in the laboratory of the Infinite; what shall we produce?

– From “Living Without Fear,” 1962; pages 68-69 #fearless

I’m amazed of how much time folks choose to Debate history & speculate about the future rather than #handlethepresent.

Mind Power
Choice … Complete chaos or learn to love

Imagine: A calling to help create a new dream for humanity to manifest together.

How To Use Your Secret Power

Revelation, Time & Miracles

Let your Highest Consciousness be y\our guide.What can we do???


“Spirit of force or spirit of love? – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We are #childrenofhumanity first. CAN ALL AGREE ON THAT #conspiracywonderer wonders an we agree on that one fact?⁉

If we can’t agree on that, we have serious serious problem. fear. Issue.

Relationship, connectiveness matters. #egobegoneSowLove

Stewards of Mother Earth/Father Time #4TheGood4All … How’s that working out?

#BeStill critical thinkers.☯

The One solution needed is more Love: uniting voices for peace. No blue wave or red wave. We need a wave of united #codepinkblue. An uprising of love. Start with peace within Self.🔥✌@ACourseofLove

https://youtu.be/HPH4LRASWbo 💕🎵🎶

Using division & confusion to fleece the public. Perhaps it is egos last horrah.

Whiteness is a figment of your imagination, know that in your heart.

Reminds me how there’s greater emphasis on the white & nonwhite Hispanics, so they say.😏 LMBO😎 at the insanity. #thisisnotnormal ✌🔥

Meanwhile, who will take #TheGood care of the children? #lovehavemercy 🔥💕✌🙂

My favorite comment on this post:

Dear white people, 80% at least of the world’s population are people of color. Get over yourselves. I say this with a white husband. Yall got some serious crap with some of your folks. That is a situation you need to deal with because we are not going away. Just sayin.”

One cannot learn from history with no knowledge of history. You think⁉


White Lies: Race and the Myths of Whiteness https://g.co/kgs/FT63fK

Did you know⁉ … “When the first Africans arrived in Virginia in 1619, there were no ‘white’ people there; nor, according to the colonial records, would there be for another sixty years.” Theodore W. Allen (Written after searching through 885 county-years of Virginia’s colonial records)

Likewise, the role of gender were “redefined” for obvious reasons: divide, conquer, power & control.

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#lovehavemercy 🔥✌💕