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A Man’s World

Yep. Call it like it is. After all, This Is A Man’s World 🌎; interestingly, it would be nothing, nothing, without a woman or a girl.

Lilith had the right idea. Self Respect. #AsISeeIt Non-compliance. #AskSeeKnow Don’t agree with ego in advance. Seek Unity. Simply #SowLove

Ooooh say can you see Ego privilege of power & control win by separating humanity based on #gender, then color, religion, region, language, culture, labels & on & on⁉ #specialnessbegone

My most Recent lol favorite is “white Hispanic” identifier. 😏 Reminds me of the paper bag test. LMBO😉 Clearly, ego must say, “How can I create division within the #childrenofhumanity family/community/world??? Let me count the ways. 😕😎 LMBO. #LoveHaveMercy 💞🔥 ✌

Women like … just think …
Why is woman held responsible for the Weakness of man? Myth of women …

Women: Demonized #likeLilith since “in the beginning.” #AsISeeIt.
Hopefully. 🤔
#SCOTUS #Kavanaugh #MeTooMovement #CodePinkBlue☯

How about♀&♂ #wholove

Meanwhile, what are we teaching our boys? Here’s a perfect example. 😢 So sad.

Fact, True &/or not? Teach a man teach an individual. Teach women, teach a nation. You think⁉

Furthermore, who will take care of the #childrenofhumanity for #TheGood ? 🤔 ♀✌ 🙏

BTW, what’s the obsession with abortion/choice & gender/identity, anyway? The patriarchy even chided the #nunsonthebus efforts to focus on helping the poor & needy. What’s up with that? Can we see a #codepinkblue☯?

Should one know thyself or not?!? We are so confused. You think?

Will #SCOTUS #Kavanaugh trigger #MeTooEarthquake and #PinkTsunami?


Have a blessed day. Peace.

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