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Cycle Up

Good-hearted Sisters & Brothers. If you care for that which matters to All #childrenofhumanity for #TheGood let us not remain silent. Truth must be known Now. You think?!?

A clarion call to the world: ⚛♀♂☯

Male has had his chance. “He has bungled: he has blundered. He has built a civilisation of hatred and strife, of violence and war. … A new civilisation is to be built…. of harmony and peace for which the tortured, the wounded soul of humanity has piteously cried, age after age.”

Sisters & brothers of goodwill. So much hating on one another. It’s said the separation of light from darkness (ego vs. Love) occurred, then all hell broke out, literally. ⚛ #AsISeeIt Then, separation of masculine & feminine nature & mind. ☯ Un-united??? Next, skin color, being so prominent, further pumped up ego’s need for separation. And on & on, religion, land, culture, language, ideology & whatever. You know?!? Fear based patriarchy establishment. Who is the “other?” & whose terrorizing who/whom?

I detest labels & Love words. 🔥💕🙏 Thankfully, Love has no labels. #bebetterhumans please.

Woman is a symbol of shakti. Shakti is not force: shakti is the energy which integrates peoples, communities, nations. It is woman’s integrating shakti that will build a new civilization for the new age. Women are not the weaker sex. Believe it or not.

We are so confused. 🤔😱Everything Is Everything.

👁󹀽💝🎶🎤𒠊󹀽💝🎶🎤𒠊󹀽💝🎶🎤🀊󹀊𒠣🀊󹀊𒠣gender #women
#Awakening, #Consciousness,

#Earth, #God, #Humanity, #Love, #Oneness, #Life,
#ThirdEye, #SelfLove,
#HigherSelf, #ThinkForYourSelf
Love & goodwill? #bebetterhumans #principlepeopleplanet

As #conspiracywonderer … I wonder/IMAGINE: Intelligence Source created masculine & feminine being. Masculine (endowed with external stimulus (third leg & brawn) sort to control feminine. Feminine & masculine were created to procreate, by choice, yet when masculine demanded & sort unequal power, we get the story of Lilith. Be fruitful & multiply or not??? Who will take care of the children?!? #MeToo

A Course of Love Quote
Chapter 26 The Full Life

This is an invitation from love to love. It asks only that you be open and allow giving and receiving as one to take place. It asks only that you be unoccupied with the old so that the new may arrive. It asks only that you listen to your heart and let your Self be heard. C:26.19

Whats the strategy for what happens next??? Go with the flow of #TheGood. 🙂😉There’s Hope

What’s in y/our heart goes out to the world. Be-ers & do-ers of the world, BE BOLD.

Action is effective against depression. Be a part of the solution.

Rev. Dada’s message is one of hope and promise:
for he is certain that in the future women will have an important role to play.
This book is his clarion call to the world.

Our individual Universe is forever complete, yet forever completing Itself, in order that every experience may teach us to transcend some previous one, in ever-ascending cycles, upward bound. – “The Science of Mind,’ page 336. ✌🙏⚛#shifthappens

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