How Much Is Enough!?

How much is enough!? Aren’t cops, police, fireman, soldiers & their families part of the working class? But then, they are allowed unions in the un-USA. SMDH


Some economists say: “Capitalism is proving again, left to its devices, capitalism brings about great inequality, large numbers of people barely getting by, insufficient job quantity, insufficient job quality…. the citizens become so dissatisfied, that we begin to need to look for alternatives, Keynesian economics is one way to face the problem and begin to find the solution.” Studying economics it always puzzled me, “How is operating with trade deficits good for a country?”

I decided not to go to college directly from high school because I did not know “what was mind/mine to do?,” so to speak. After working a few years, marriage & child, I choose to study business, economics & finance. So that was in 1974, just as some professors were still teaching free enterprise & how corporations were created to benefit society, had limited life spans, limited corporate monopolies, blah, blah, blah. Yet, understand, the correct test answer is…. the purpose of the corporation is to generate profit for shareholders. Later I learned how corporations were designated personhood, media was highjacked by oligarchs & then once the Supreme Court officially solidified corporate-persons money speaking votes in 2008 & religion in 2010, that was all she wrote. The fix was truly in.

I remember being confused as to how the US economy could remain sustainable with the negative trade deficits that started appearing again in the 1970’s. Then this happened, and things greatly accelerated with Reagan, you SEE?

You can’t be neutral on a moving train, President Obama. As I SEE It, for 25 years after the end of WWII, the “economic train” was coasting. Once Reagan was put in, it started to go full steam & here we are. Thankfully, I know the true, absolute #Source of our supply. #NoFear in #Love.

As I SEE It, when #Trump says he will “make America Great again,” I think he means making it “great again” for the ways of robber barrons:

*an unscrupulous plutocrat, especially an American capitalist who acquired a fortune in the late nineteenth century by ruthless means

*Word originally denoting a feudal lord who engaged in plundering.

If the shoe fits….

What you think?

Studying economics, it always puzzled me how operating with such a trade deficit is good for the country. Conclusion: It isn’t, for the greater good.

Relevant Then & Now: Eve of Destruction. One that comes to mind for me is For What It’s Worth.

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