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Specialness begone

Death of the belief that we are separated from God, yet less-than-perfect….

We are always rooted in truth, the issue is we’re not always aware of it. It’s like a tree is always rooted in the earth. It might not know it, but it is. No earth, no tree; no truth, no me. #AskSeeKnow

Some people are so full of ego self. #BegoneEgo. Why can’t we see no one is special? You are Chosen & you have Choice. #SimpleAsThat #AsISeeIt #SpecialnessBegone

We are always rooted in truth, the issue is we’re not always aware of it. It’s like a tree is always rooted in the earth. It might not know it, but it is. No earth, no tree; no truth, no me.

The Truth, as
Dr. Ernest Holmes articulated in “Living the Science of Mind,” is “There is one Life. That Life is God,
that Life is perfect, that Life is my Life now.”

I aspire to live in that consciousness. And all is well.

Angel Number 1111 encourages you to look to new beginnings, opportunities and projects with a positive and optimistic attitude as these are appearing in your life for very good reason. Your angels want you to achieve and succeed with your desired goals and aspirations so do not hesitate in taking positive steps and striving forward. Do not allow fears, doubts or concerns to hold you back from living and serving your Divine life purpose and soul mission.

Comical, amusing…. What do you mean? Don’t try to solve problems???

Behind the smokescreen

🌺🦋🐣🌺Mar 4, 2018🌺🦋🐣🌺

A Sunday Morning
ACOL 💜 Message on:
Chapter 15
“The Special Self”

Thoughts this early Sunday morn, regarding:
*”one united will for glory”*.

Along with practicing the acceptance of everything, I’ve been noticing this past week how important my specialness is to me.

How do I “look” to others? Am I making my loved ones feel special enough? Are they making me feel special enough? And if they don’t, am I rejecting them, am I attacking them, am I belittling them, am I supporting and strengthening the same separation that I claim I want to be rid of? Am I going so far as to truly separate from them? Do I want them out of my life forever? This is the estrangement of families, of loved ones, of friends.

There is no one on this planet who does not know this specialness, and who doesn’t know all of what is described above. The form will be different; the content always the same. We have lived with this for ages; belief in separation has been conditioned, imprinted and entrained for millennia within our illusory lives.

Is it so important to set myself apart in order to feel a moment’s specialness, to feel separate from (better than) others… so much so, that I would see myself and my brothers and sisters remain in the hell of separation, not knowing the truth of myself, nor they knowing the truth of themselves, because of it?

In other words, what is most important? That I support the specialness/separateness of myself and others? or that I support the equality and sameness/oneness of Our Truth.

I can’t choose both. I can’t have two masters. It’s one or the other. Gotta go for the truth, or remain in misery.

Feeling all the love that is gathered here in this spacious grouping, and if we prefer the former to the latter, please join with me in these last two paragraphs of chapter 15 of ‘A Course of Love’.

Jesus tells us within these two paragraphs, where life eternal lies.

“All suffering and sin comes from specialness, and so it is but specialness you must leave behind. And there is a way to do so, a way that will not harm any of those you love even while betraying all they would hold dear. But which would you rather betray? The truth or illusion? You cannot be loyal to both, and herein lies your problem. For at the turning point you look back and see one other you cannot betray, and one other whose special treatment of yourself you cannot live without or abandon hope of receiving. And so you choose illusion over truth and betray all that you are and the hope your brother has placed in you as savior of the world.

“You who still fantasize that you can have it both ways, give up your fantasy and realize that real choice lies before you. No, this is not an easy choice or it would have been chosen long ago and saved much suffering and put an end to hell. But it also is not a difficult choice, nor one that is in truth yours alone to make. This choice cannot be made without your brother and is indeed your brother’s holy choice, as well as his birthright and your own. You only need be open to the place that no specialness can enter, and bid your brother choose for you. For in his choice you join with him and with your Father. In this choice lies *one united will for glory* that knows neither specialness nor separation. In this choice lies life eternal.” ☮🕯💕🙏

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